08-05-2007 c.j. wega - Mixing.hu Sessions


Feb 26, 2007
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01. 68 Beats - Replay The Night (John Dahlback Mix)
02. Rene Amesz - My Favourite Barbie
03. Minilogue - Seconds (Moonbeam Remix)
04. Mantrix - Bluepoppy (Original Mix)
05. Novika - Depend On You (Slg Remix)
06. Tamboo Project - Twilight Ep
07. Kaiser Souzai - Gaia (Kaiser Souzai Remix)
08. Dominic Plaza - Korny (D-Nox and Beckers Remix)
09. Fairmont - Gazebo
10. Goshva and N. Code - Emotion (Key900 Remix)
11. Roland Klinkenberg - Bounce and At 2007​
some groovy stuff ya got here.... is this tech house?
maybe tech-house, electro-house and sometimes prog-house I don't know exactly... Strange and strongly nice sounds I hope you like it.
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Ive been chair dancin in my cube at the office, so your doing something right lol
I got these nice little bose desktop speakers.. They call my space Club Kelly cause im always jammin out all day heh. Ive been getting into house alot more lately, been spinnin trance for a about 6 months, although been an avid trance junkie since the mid 90's. Beatport is a beast to find new music on because thier collection is SOOO overwhelming! Anyway, lovin the set bro.. Mind if I throw this on my Music site? 239playasclub.com
hello everyone :)
hows everyone doing today?
c.j. wega is happy about your comment :) And of course you can throw to your site... If Dan allows this :)