08-11-2007 Will Brookes - Aural Indulgence 008 with Carl B Guestmix

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Fritz only us here lol

Massive Mix by Carl B!!!
bye tomek ;)

bee lets dance a shuffle :D want to dance too
Dance dance in the morning light ,,,:D
Aw aw I need Tomek to ID - damn I know this tuuune
thanx Myras :)
welcome to AH's
lol thanks, i been here a while, i just never post
Simon patterson - bulldozer
choon upon choon tnite

Thats for us a Carl B st...All the hot stuff :super:

I suggest I should go and sleep..but I cant its tooo beautiful here:super:
and oops yea just saw your joining date - eve b4 me:p
yea like me lol. can't go and sleep....

I like it- he put some good vocals
So we are now 3 ppl taking over AH's ....:D

aw succccccch a niiiiiiiiiice breakdown!!!