08-12-2010 Bjorn Akesson - Threshold 035

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I have an exam tommorrow, so i'm preparing for it:book:
preparing exams and litening to AH is very good I have tried and its work :music:
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Colin James & Alan Ruddick Remix )

Fantastic remix :dance:
this makes me remember 2006
An end that deserve a Massive vote :mml: :mml: :mml:
Just tuned! :music:
Bjorn see you next year.
thanks for tuning in everyone, tracklists and re-listens will be available on my website on friday! : )
Loved the show thank you very much for this awesome show and mix there Bjorn Akesson, anyways its Kadir Taser from the facebook or whatever :P
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez Blörn

when I come to the Luminosity Preparty in April so I have to prepared for harder stuff he?? :P

Anyway nice set ! :)