09-05-2008 Ronald van Gelderen - R.A.W. Sessions 59

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Here now..:mml:
Hello, everyone...:wave::wave:
Was tuned all the time...good show...:music:
hey dood

new WYN remix, mash, dunno this one?


Marco V remix, how could i miss that one???
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Beautiful track...:wub:

Anyone ID??

sorry if im gravedigging, but i heard this liveset as a replay on another webradio but i can't seem to find any playlist for that liveset! so i landed here and i hope someone can help me... im searching for the song after the nic chagall - WYN (marco v remix)!

the lyrics were kinda like this:
love's a flame, has burned me down
burned your homeground forever
you take it in, and pull out
still too strong to surrender

the vocals are in a clear female voice if that helps...
thats the first part i think, text could be wrong.
hope you can help!