09-05-2009 Kimito Lopez & Orjan Nilsen - Northern Exposure 015

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* Now Listening : 739 ~ Jonas Stenberg - Northern Exposure 015 Guestmix on AH.FM

:cap: about last track now I guess :dancing:

:hmmm: in total : Good set :clap2: Very good guestmix :replay:
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeee!!! :super::super::super::super::super:

ill guess and say that was Sonic Inc. - The Taste Of Summer (Jonas Stenberg 2009 Remix) :) :mml: :mml:
:crazy: tunes by Stenberg :clap2:

massive voted :)

anyway: The Taste Of Summer! zOMG! classic! :wub:
* 1: Dan might not be aware of our shared background + 2: You're a Staff Member

Oh chill out. :lol: It was just a joke, just ask danmark_ori about it... :mask:

:cap: My first thought too - as I ( witting ) referred to your ' Hallmark ' behaviour at "Deserted Island" earlier :

:book: http://forum.ah.fm/regular-shows-ar...venways-vision-trance-007-a-8.html#post853791 :super:

:hmmm: the one famous quote I will remember forever from FryChicken :

" This tune sux

I'm gone

bye "

Please may I interfere?
my dear?
Anybody knows this track? "... she says, ... she says " etc.. ?