09-07-2008 Signum - Xposed 007

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:yikes:eek:h shit hurricane alicia and kelly hit lol
its kind of funny to hear it... reminds me of a storm
did you call phone in the am???????
dizzy I got to get back to work:p

Tune in again at 2 I'll be here:)
this track is great :mml:
* Signum - Xposed Episode 007 on AH.FM *

just found your 'hotmail' addressed mail from June 15 ! :lol:

:book: read it earlier, of course - but at a different e-mail address. I don't use hotmail very often. But this time it was the ' shift ' to a 'light' edition, which waited for a go or no go from me. To be facing an all empty mailbox - that was long ago ! :wow: :)

:whistle: some more relaxed tracks now .. .. .. :music:
* Signum - Xposed Episode 007 on AH.FM *

:mario: http:// www. kolobok.us/smiles/user/ WhiteVoid_1.gif :dancing:

:lol: your smiley's make me laugh !

:love: On 2nd thoughs: there's some true power hidden behind those tracks here .. .. .. :mask: