09-10-2007 Always Alive with Daniel Kandi 019 - Leave Britney Alone

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he said that "stay tuned in you living in Finland" or did i hear it right? :lol:

Possibly, I think I tuned too late. I'm damn ill having the flu and my work and skool is hyper bitching at me.. ill = ill isnt it? I can't get any rest. Will never recover this way. It drives me nuts.
so good so far! :love: :wub:
Good tune this one :)
Tuned now...:music:

Hello everyone!!!:):)
First State feat. Anita Kelsey - Falling
Daniel Kandi vs Kris O'Neil - Back Home
Matt Hardwick vs Smith & Pledger - Connected (Original Mix)
Adam Nickey - Never Gone (Original Mix - Above & Beyond Respray)

by far.
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mmmm beauty vocal :wub:
Adam Nickey - Never Gone :lovers::lovers::lovers::lovers::lovers:

I die right about now!!!! :cry: :wub: :love:
seafish..... LOL :fishing: :LMAO::LMAO::LMAO:


Wel I'll be back at 10 CET I hope.. xxciao ppl. ( too bad I have to miss the rest of Always alive ) :cry: