10-03-2011 Markus Schulz - Prague 11 Release Party Live from SaSaZu

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The best part was when Lil' Wayne joined him on stage :dance::dance:


just a half of an hour to go, absolutely can't wait ;D
omg im dying here COME ON CLOCK MOVE IT!

I'm gonna be tuned in, that was an epic night for me and especially my friend Aerofoil. Markus kickin' it off with Caress 2 Impress was the craziest moment ever. Almost jumped the balcony there, glad we didn't!. Hope you all enjoy/relive this magic night.

Were u both on the left side of Markus on the balcony?
There were these crazy guys dancing/jumping all night and Markus pointing at them all the time :) As per ur description looks like u ;)
Right side of the crowd left side of markus
Can't wait!

Markus is the definition of awesomeness. :)
omg #idie, cant wait.. 101 pl viewing the thread before the show even started