10-04-2008 Will Brookes - Aural Indulgence 013

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xander2v2 - Your picture proves my theory that universe is a big cosmic joke :lol:
Will B was answering questions sent in...one was "did cats create the universe" to which he answeres "no"

that pic is "the ceiling cat" aka cat-god =creater of the universe....although I must admit the pic looks more like destroying it rather than creating

I didn't notice the text above the pic at first... it makes sense now!
1. W&W - Eruption [Captivating Sounds]
2. Embrace - Embrace [Flashover]
3. Heatbeat - Push Over [Captivating Sounds]
4. ID - ID [CDR]
5. Will B - Bittersweet (Digital Nature Remix) [Nu-Depth Recordings]
6. Will B - Upgrade (Temple One Remix) [Perceptive Recordings]
7. ID - ID (Will B Remix) [CDR]
8. Marco V - Echoes (Will B Remix) [CDR]
9. Organ Donors - 4 Tribes [Nukleuz]


Last tune from me tonight, love it!
Very good set willb. The best proof for this is that you really are a good doc :lol: :lol:

+5 to my mood :)

And you got massive for this latino influenced tune!