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10-07-2008 Onova - Peak Level 001

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Jul 27, 2007
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Onova - Peak Level


Every 2nd Tuesday Every Month

EST: 17:00 - 18:00
GMT: 22:00 - 23:00
CET: 23:00 - 00:00

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Yep! :mml:

Just need to point out that due to technical problems i couldnt record. My mic was broken i some wierd way, but i will have sorted that until next month so you all can hear my bad "swenglish" lol

Hope you all will enjoy the show! Also if you have any request or suggestion etc, dont be afraid to send me PM! ;)

And wanna thank Dan for having me on board!

See you all 2 night hopefully!



01. Jochen Miller - Lost Connection (original mix)
02. Mac & Taylor - Deadline (original mix)
03. Wapskallion feat. Stace - Fine Day (Jessica B & Steve Morley mix)
04. Gabriel Miller -Back To Zurich (original mix)

05. ID - ID (Onova remix)

06. Arpegia & Oliver P pres. Fast Distance - Killmanjaro (original mix)
07. Gitelman & Tsukerman - Bolivia (Onova remix)
08. Thr3shold - Perception (Part 1)

09. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (original mix)
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"Swenglish" lol, look forward to that next time :lol:

23:00 CET :p....
Amazing! Yesterday Akesson, today Onova.. cool thing, will be there for sure, just after tone diary.. ; )
Only 6 hours left! ;) Be shure to prepare with some coffe, red bull or whatever you prefer! :) This aint going to soft! :p
Hello that wheel be Great Show !!!

Welcome ONOVA in AH.FM

Greatings !
wow.. can't wait for this one!!! :grinning:

congratz on the show Onova :super:

also.. there is a mistake in the first post.. it says tuesday not thursday...(not the flyer but the text underneath)
Only 6 hours left! ;) Be shure to prepare with some coffe, red bull or whatever you prefer! :) This aint going to soft! :p
OH! Word!

Not going to be soft:w00t:
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome..:hug: I have now also looked at all "smilies" so i can be more interactive:mml: <- love this dude! haha

Nice to see so much activitiy before the show eaven started ! :) Love it..!!!

1:30 Left......
Hey, just noticed what show is coming up next! Looking forward to this!!!