10-09-2008 Signum - Xposed 009

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:welcome: camilla_m and lucella31 to Afterhours.fm

Enjoy! :music:

Thanks Squall! Love it here. Where've I been? Can't believe I've been going to work every day without this.

BTW, re: the PVD song "Complicated", is this Signum's own version of the song because I love it! I listened to PVD's version and I don't, well, like it so much. :lol: Can you tell me what remix it is? Or...can anyone tell me?
Thx so much! :music:
:choon: In and out of Love :choon:
Ok ppl, forgive me, I'm a new member here.
What does Choon mean? :wacko:
Immoral Monkeys- Portobella (Adam Nickey Remix :choon:

Beautiful track:music::super:

Somethings up tuuuuuuune
well..then you've learned something new today...happy to help out:grinning:
Hey alll !!!

Hey Signum, I'm looking forward to see you at Luminosity 15/11 ;) Will be great !

Anyway, I can't be at Emotionz Party, I have press access for Antwerp Is Burning with ottaviani, thrillseekers... But that's ok for luminosity :)
Leon Bolier ?

IT IS !!! Nice vocal :) :dancing: