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10-10-2007 DJ 2FREY - Trance Music Express 006

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Jul 27, 2007
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Welcome for this new edition of my show of October on AH, at discover many of news tracks and many of new talent in trance music express ,by hoping that all those which will listen will like again, thank you in advance has all that will be able to listen.


Style: All Style Of Trance


01.FIRST STATE FEAT. ANITA KELSEY - Falling -|Songbird|
02.COSMIC GATE - Body Of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Club Mix)-|Black Hole Recordings|
03.SIGNALRUNNERS - Recoil (Original Mix)-|AVA Recordings|
04.NIC CHAGALL - Borderline (Original Mix)-|High Contrast Recordings|
05.NENES AND SUPERTI - Teksha (Nenes Crushed Tech Mix)-|Selecta|
06.ARCTIC QUEST - Strings & Guitars -|Soundpiercing|
07.TERRY FERMINAL - Deep Inside (Re-work)-|High Contrast Recordings|
08.ADAM WHITE FEAT STACEY KITSON - Piece Of Mind (Rozza Remix)-|Emalodic|
09.ANDY BAGGULEY - Together As One (Michael Dow Remix)-|Instant Music|
10.DAN STONE - Road Test (Signum Remix)-|Red Force Recordings|
11.SANTOZ - One Kiss (Original Mix)-|Eternity Recordings|
12.ICONE JOINS ARPEGIA - Fatal Beauty (Arpegia Edit)-|Abora Recordings|
13.RE-FUGE FEAT NICOLE TYKER - So Real (4 Strings Remix)-|Ministry of Sound Germany|
14.SOPHIE SUGAR - Day Seven (Sophies One Night In Jakarta Mix)-|Armada|
15.AMURAI VS STACTIC BLUE - After The Sunrise (Daniel Kandi Rising Remix)-|Alter Ego|
16.JOHN O CALLAGHAN PRES. MANNIX - Pyramid -|A State Of Trance|
17.EFFEN - Remembrance 2007 (Reworked)-|Putera Recordings|
18.COLD BLUE AND DEL MAR - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)-|In Trance We Trust|
19.PAUL MILLER FEAT MANUEL LE SAUX - Sunny Day (Original Mix)-|Asgard Records|
20.PERSEQUOR - Midnight Saviour (Sean Tyas Remix)-|MPFS White Records|
21.CARTEL - Moments (Original Mix)-|Cartel White Label|



Contact me :
MY SPACE :http://www.myspace.com/dj2frey
BY MSN:dfre34@hotmail.fr
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I know this track... bouncy beat, there's vocals at some point... but I can't remember the name.
Tuned in....:super:

Hello everyone!!!!:smile1:

WOOT!!! Body of Conflict!!:music::music:
evening guys and gals how are we? tuned in now, ready for the shows ahead!

has anyones forum details been reset, has there been a prob with forum??? after that weekend error i have been reset on forum? anyone else?

in·iq·ui·trance you have any idea???