10-11-2010 Bjorn Akesson - Threshold 033

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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1450 Listeners ~ Bjorn Akesson - Threshold 033 on AH.FM

hey everyone welcome to the show :)

:dancing: dag Bjorn :friends: hello and good evening ! :mml: :rave: :dance: :megacrazy:

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tuned here!!

Hi everyone!
Vocal Choonage!

1454 Listeners ~ Out Of The Storm ( Love Song ) ~ Bjorn Akesson - Threshold 033 on AH.FM

:: Anton Firtich feat. Betsie Larkin - Out Of The Storm [Coldharbour] ::

Where's the end of all of this
Alarms go off outside
Running through a crowded street
You echo in my head

I know that I've been here before
The sun's behind the clouds
Will you come and catch me where
I'm hanging from a ledge

In my dreams
I go underneath the waves
Out of the storm
I'll take you with me
To the end
I can see the light ahead
Out of the storm
You're my anchor in the sand :wub: :love: :kissing:

Betsie Larkin
Betsie Larkin
Discography at Discogs :book:
Images for Betsie Larkin
Real Name: Elizabeth Larkin

Aliases: Elizabeth Larkin

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Anton Firtich
Anton Firtich
Discography at Discogs :book:
Images for Anton Firtich
Real Name: Anthon Firtich

Aliases: AF Project
In Groups: Neoblizz
Profile: Trance & House Producer

(c) Polar
can we have playlist ? :)
sweetness :music::music::music:
1431 Listeners ~ Bjorn Akesson - Threshold 033 on AH.FM

lovely tune :)

:yes: :iagree: :wub: reason I made a discrete info-post for this love song :grinning: