10-12-2007 Plasmatic Sessions 043 with Ferry Tayle

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Ferry Tayle - Plasmatic Sessions 043 10 Dec 2007

01. ID - ID [Bonzai]
02. Thomas Bronzwaer - Resound (Original Mix) [Vandit]
03. ID - ID [Bonzai]
04. ID - ID [Bonzai]
05. Thomas Datt - 2V2 (Sean Tyas Unbridged Remix) [Flux Delux]
06. John Askew - How I Can Put This (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Discover Digital]
07. Mark Eteson & Jon Prior - Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix) [Nu Depth]
08. Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
09. Airwave - When Things Go Wrong vs Sunspot [Bonzai]

I wanted to thank the staff at Plasmatic Sessions for inviting the Crystal Clouds DJs to participate over the last several weeks. We enjoyed being a part of the show and hope to contribute in the future! Cheers to Amr and Eros!
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^its our pleasure, last 10 weeks have been really impressive, thanks to you and crystalclouds.com for this cooperation:d
You're welcome mate!

Unless I hear from Ferry Tayle in the next 30 minutes, we'll have to play the ID game on the mix...although there will probably IDs throughout :music:
Listening :)
hello people

yes that was the voice of marcie, welcome to plasmatic sessions:d
tuned in! should be fun
ID time! Nice beginning!

Hello Neil, Vicky, lethalleigh and DhumKetu!
tuned in! MARCIE, yeah thought i recognised that voice, she is doing very well for herself lately! :super:
Resound I do beleive :)