10 Year Anniversary Massive Celebration

And i remember tuning into AH.fm since 2006 - and a listener every week there on after! Registered on the forums here in 2007! My how this decade has gone by fast!
Wow 10 years already!?!
I'd be lost without AH.FM
Cracking decade chaps!
Here's to the next one X
Hey all, im really looking forward to this show, despite the fact that I have to work Sun-Wed nights, so for sure I will miss quite a few sets. Im kinda wondering if Xijaro & Pitch will do megamixes again or just regular set...
Hey Memory Loss, just curious, where in Canada do you live? Ive visited Alberta & Ontario in the past...
Great looking flyer and nice time schedule for this event. Happy 10 year anniversary AH.fm!
I'm glad that I get the opportunity to be the part of this radio.
working on my set :) its gonna be a nice journey :p