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11-01-2008 Abstraction Deep - Deep Sessions with DJ Eric Flash 017

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Jul 27, 2007
Reaction score
Abstraction Deep pres. Deep Sessions

DJ Eric Flash (Russia)



To find out more about this event or to submit a track to be featured in the show, log on to Abstraction Deep at http://www.abstractiondeep.com

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omg omg omg omg omg!!!!

amazing start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jelly mode on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
freakin awesome start
Meh I missed my bus :( Another hour of AH.FM :)
well gotta go to work....see ya in 2 hrs
I liked that Jingle :)
I knew that tune wasn't able to mix :p
Not sure cuz I have to work on that Friday....already tried gettin off but couldnt so gotta go to Dallas. Then I wont be back til like 9-930pm that night so I'll be riding up with friends from here in SA

Okay. NP. We can do that another time. :hug: :cat:
Hola :mml:
dfx, Laan, Matt Trigle, rdc_w, Renov8, The Cat Lady, trace of trance