11-01-2008 Will Holland - Monthly Exclusive Show

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hell piccoli.. heres some quality progressive... :music: not that deadmouse garbage.. :mask:

its not very proggy.... :mask: still kinda trancy :super:

ok ok..... yeah it is proggy :lol:
are we on the same channel? :lol:

its like GDJB but so much better :super:

ok uplifting is kicking in right about now :choonalert:

ok not yet though.... :lolz: still good proggy :lol:
Supuer-Minerva(elevation remix):choonalert::choonalert:
Supuer-Minerva(elevation remix):choonalert::choonalert:

01. Tek Ne feat Catherine – Taurine (Niklas Harding Remix) (CDR)
02. Alex Pich & Dmitri Federov – Drops on the Moon (CDR)
03. Supüer – Minerva (Elevation Remix) (Enhanced Progressive)