11-03-2008 Bee Bee - State of JorDance 037

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Thats all from me Afterhours.fm ...
Thank you so much for tunning tonight and for the great feedback :)
See you on two weeks time ..
Love & respect
Good night Xx

Bee :D
wallahi ya man its really nice and killer set u have played :)
i really me and my bro Mike loved it :)
anyways man now its tome to go and die .. i mean to go and sleep !!
so take care about ur self and thanks once again for the great set :)

Is this Yamin feat. Marcie -- Desperate (Ben Brown Rerub) the one that we hear now???
hi Altered Mind. how are you

just arrived now from a flight from Los Angeles and tuned in:music:

Cooooool! :smile1:

I just finished getting off work about an hour ago and i am a lil tired. but im gonna get myself some coffee in a moment to fix that problem. :cat:
no prob hun! :grinning:

the entire TL is on the very first page. :music:

:grinning: I know, just seemed weird that I don't have it hehehe :)

Ok, I have to undo the atomic bomb in my flat now :lol: So I will be tuned in, but no posting!

See u all later :hug: