11-03-2008 Blank & Jones - Monthly Exclusive March

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Ok i get that, but let me ask u something.

We are not talking here about labels, releases and promotion.

Why a kind unknown dj plays these shit (do what the others)?

I don't think that a dj who's fans is below 500 ppl par example has any obligation to a company or something...

So why everywhere we hear the same stuff and the don't hear ppl's pulse???? :wow:

You have a good point, and the reason is because they are being pushed form up above to play this kind of music. They get paid top dollar to play whatever they are told to. Some just stick to their style and tell the people above to F'off, but that's hard since they make a lot of money. The no name DJ's have no chance and get smoothered out because of these big names.
yeah thats angelina jolie... what do you guys/gals think about her?
Tom Colontonio -Modern Day Madness
Carl B -Chasing Leaves
Jon Rundell -What Is It
Cartel -Buenos Aires
Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett -Off The World (Lange Remix)
Promo -Catwalk
Sander van Doorn -The Bass
Markus Schulz ft. Dauby -Perfect (Agnellis & Nelson Remix)
Michael Conway -Autumn
Mike Nichols -Lost For Words (Mikes Re-Edit)