11-04-2007 Dave Nadz presents Moments Of Trance 013

The Diary of Jane!!!!!
ok...I nearly fell off the chair hearing this one tune :biggrin:

cheers DaveNadz,awesome set ;)
pa pa paraaa pa pa paraaa ;) yuhu!!! enjoying a live set at the end!
@ DaveNadz:
there is one show of yours that impressed me very much and was your mix for the Last Aura event.
Since then,I try to not miss your sets and I enjoy very much them :smile:
what IanHoling said...I agree totally,awesome job karybdeandscylla and awesome tune ;)
Thanks to all listeners, i really appreciate your feed-back .. gives me a much needed boost :love:
Keep them coming Dave Nadz!! Your progress is remarkable!! Good job!!