11-12-2006 32K AAC+ online


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May 1, 2006
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Hello all,

People have mentioned that 96k and 192k is buffering due to them being on low broadband such as dial-up. To continue on bringing the best quality and the freedom to choose we have added a new 32k stream for all you low broadband listeners, the sound is actually good cause its AAC +.

Server link: http://www.AH.fm/32kaac+.m3u

This is also included in the main Radio Panel of the forums, any comments appreciated.
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I am going to send the link to some friends having low speed connections and waiting to hear from them feedback and thoughts
however as I said you earlier this is a further improvement for AH.fm,and sure will bring more listeners;)

This is awesome. Did rough testing with my near-modem connection for 1 full hour and no buffering!

Glad to see the new addition. This will surely bring in more listeners! :choon: :ah:
great news, can only be a good thing ;)

Good for new connections :p:
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