12-02-2008 Pedro Del Mar & DJ Shah - Mellomania Canada February

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02. Ascension - Someone (Signum Remix) A State Of Trance

i ll fly away when i ll hear this, i promise :lol:
02. Ascension - Someone (Signum Remix):wub::choonalert::choonalert:
Hello. ;) I've been listening for a while and nooo... It's just not for me... I'm going to have a lovely bath! :love: ( first one in almost 6 months... )

I'm taking my wine, chocolates, Cosmopolitan and Supernaturalistic and will be back in few hours :angel:

So haj and baj :smile1: :hug:s
great show

any clues where i can download this?

ClubGirl Witamy z powrotem w Polsce ;)
Originally Posted by Tomek
Hour 1: DJ Shah

01. High Noon at Salinas - Celebration (Original Mix) Magic Island
02. Ali Payami - Stay (Payami Deeply Remix) Just for Fun
03. Tiesto pres. Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Original Mix) Blackhole
04. Thomas Schwartz - Jupiter Calling (Original Mix) The Clubbers
05. Stone Canyon feat. LDN - Rest Here (Original Mix) Five AM
06. Steur & Bolier - The Night is Young (Original Mix) Blackhole
07. Carlo Calabro - Shocking Sunrise (Original Mix) Fektive
08. Rex Mundi - Sunrise at Ibiza (Drive Mix) Cyber
09. Sunlounger & Zara - Crawling (DJ Shah Rework) Armada
10. Black Pearl - Coral Sea (Original Mix) Shah-Music
11. Oceanlab - Sky Falls Down (DJ Shah Remix) Anjunabeats
06. Steur & Bolier - The Night is Young (Original Mix) Blackhole