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12-06-2007 Hawk pres The Natural Selections 013


Sep 11, 2006
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Hawk The Natural Selections 2nd Tuesday every month
16:00 - 17:00 EST (US & Canada)
21:00 - 22:00 GMT (UK)
22:00 - 23:00 CET


We´re on to number 13 this time, and you can expect some brand new tracks and some bootlegs and remixes of older/classic tunes. Hope you all like it :hello:

01. Rio Addicts - The Distance
02. Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack (Mat Zo Remix)
03. Dan Daniel & Yvan - Enjoy The Silence (Club Mix)
04. Joe T. Vannelli - Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure Remix Island Style)
05. Starkillers vs Yilmaz Altanhan - 80's Discoteka (Aafik Mashup - XiJaro remix)
06. Innate - Imod (Original Mix)
07. Nick K - One Of Those Things (Original Mix)
08. Albert Vorne - Formentera What (Gareth Emery Remix)
09. Airbase - Roots (Kristoff K pres Xyshoor Remix)
10. Hawk ft Sasja - Emerald Mine (Deepwide Remix)

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Count me in :)
sweet beginning :)
Mat Zo has been doing some good work lately :)

enjoying this one a lot!
Mat zo is on fire atm, had done a lot of official remixes and bootlegs, and some his own stuff, all high quality:)

depeche mode:lollypop: