12-09-2007 Dave Nadz - Moments of Trance 023

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Woow Manuel Le Saux - Forgive \o/\o/


Is it ??

Edit : It's Manuel Le Saux but not Forgive ^^ Remix of Kraftmatik :) :super:
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Well folks, I'm off to find something to eat.

Have a great night, enjoy the rest of the show!

Glad you like it guys .. still more to come ... really love this Colontonio remix :)
good night, afterhours fanatics (like myself)

extraordinary set, dave. keep it up.

tomorrow... an exam. this means 6 hours of sleep for me.

behind schedule but surely xD… is that he was my smaller brother in the PC

nice show dave :)
Danilo Ercole - Sea Shadow ? :hmmm:
Wow, awesome tune now :)
Thanks for comments and listening . Last one here uplifting closing !!!!!! :choon:
current tune = simply beauty :wub: