12-09-2007 Manuel Le Saux - Extrema ep 57

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That track is more massive than Fly Away? I'm not sure I believe you... Fly Away is mastodon-sized

Last week MLS played Andy Bagguley...and you agreed with me that it´s a memorable track....:)

I can´t compare tracks...so they are both massive!!!:music::music:
Another massive ch00n:

Bissen - Exhale (Sean Tyas mix)



one and another one and again sean tyas
this set is absolutly massiv !!! :) :) :)
Great show, thanks alot.
Manuel should have a 3-hour show!!!!

amazing set. enjoy'd it
oh finish :( ...... lowered the cane to me xDDD

now to wait for replay :loveah:

so long friends. I see in the show of dave nadz :smile1:
Manny needs to do a special show, make it two hours.

We'd all be passed out exhausted by the end of it.

Great set, as usual Manuel!
nice show today...Manuel will be guestmixing on Plasmatic Sessions next monday Septemeber 17, 2007 at 4PM CET, 3PM GMT for a 1 hour exclusive guys!