12-11-2007 AH.FM pres. From The Outside with Sebastian Brandt and Jonas Steur

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very nice FTO great job! ;)
i am gonna hold you to that one foriel !! !! !! \o/ \o. im already thirsty

lol ok... Ill get one at the airport, foriel ;)
Steur was booooooooooooooooring
or andy duguid or gareth emery or jerome isma-ae or kyau and albert :mml:

Algarve, niklas harding and carl b has been in FTO before. Kyau and alber and hawk do have their show here at ah.fm andy duguid would be a nice one for FTO id say
You guys blow. I don't add boring sets to FTO :p
Thanks for listening, and ofcourse thanks to Jonas & Sebastian
not really my style... I am more progressive, uplift and techy trance.
Sebastian brandt playlist = amazing! \o/ :lovers:

Im sure Jonas Steur wasnt my style.. :whistle::sleeping:
got jonas' tracklist :mml:

01. Steur & Bolier – The Night Is Young [Black Hole]
02. Alex Kunnari – Lifter (Joonas Hahmo Remix) [Black Hole]
03. John Dahlback – Hustle Up [Nero Records]
04. Jonas Steur – Level Up (Marcus Schössow Remix) [Black Hole]
05. D-Nox & Beckers – Shanghigh [Electribe]
06. ID - ID [CD-R]
07. ID - ID [CD-R]
08. Reeves ft. Alanah – Lonely [Black Hole]
09. Phynn – This Is The Time [Black Hole]
10. ID - ID [CD-R]