13-01-2008 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 027

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me too ! listening goes on ( as the Google talk chat with DeyC3 ) :music:

I wouldn't eat this, trace of trance ! :wow:

Yuk. It doesn't look very appetizing to me either. :p

Well. I just paid $120 to my neighbor for all the chickens that Mary killed. And she did do it, too. No doubt in my mind at all. Mary, the chicken killer. :(

When she gets her new batch of chickens, I will train Mary to not "play" with them any longer. That's all she needs, simple training. She is very smart and learns fast. She's just never been around chickens before. :mask:

I really like chickens. I used to raise them myself. Maybe I'll do it again and Mary will get used to them quickly. :grinning:
this will be about my last hour here this weekend, gotwf !


I've read your PM hours ago - and I'm still thinking about it .. .. ..

The plot thickens. :mask:
Aly & Fila:choonalert::choonalert::choonalert:

i really like this track, this is the real Aly & Fila Danmark:music:
Hello ClubGirl, danmark_ori, Goldberg, gotwf, Maxi, misha_kedr, piccoli, playdoh, trace of trance :wave: