13-04-2008 Bjorn Akesson & Phillip Alpha - BPM Sessions 005

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Bjorn Akesson & Phillip Alpha :grinning:

looking forward to this, I'll tune in :super:
Yes show starts at 6pm CET i was msitaken when i made that banner, was too lazy to fix.. oh well someday hehehe.. great show today, Phil wont be here today since he had to go to a family dinner or something so I cant do the tracklisting for his set, but I will be here :)
i'll try and run away from the dinner from time to time :p

dont have my tracklist tho since my remote broke down and im forced to use my dads pc only :p

but yeah.... this months BPM session will rock! - with a not so typical set from me :)
Welcome everyone :) I will do the tracklisting track by track as usual!

01. Heatbeat - Pushover [Soundpiercing]
Heatbeat - Pushover [Soundpiercing]

Heard this a while back on Eddie Sender's show. I quite like it. Not my style but something about it that makes me wna buy it.