13-04-2008 Kamil Polner & Lucas B - Equlibrium Point 020

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very good set so far \o/
the next track is...

01. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat Katie Marne - Spirit (Daniel Kandi Remix)
02. DJ Tommyboy - The Insider (Ben Gold Remix)
03. Foundry - Foundation (Dima Krasnik Remix)
04. Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla feat. Dan Sanfilippo - Alive (Heatbeat Remix)
hey you :) doing good and out there? :)

i have been really busy lately because of college:wow:
i was reading some documents for tomorrow,but i decided better to read it later:lol:

aly and fila?:hmmm:
this tune sux! :mask:
DJ who pick up everytime the tune that is liked by everybody is god.. so no chance to do it:)

well,is hard to know who likes which tracks,is hard to choose:music: