13-05-2007 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions 042


Jun 12, 2006
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Episode 042


1) John Morgan & Medway - Toobin (Original Mix) [Powerplant Music]
2) Eelke Kleijn - Life Passing By (Stu Hirst's Strawberry Blonde Remix) [Amenta]
3) Dave Dresden - As The Mandarine Girl Comes (DD Mashup V5) [CDR]
4) The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Envotion Remix) [Electronic Elements]
5) Roland Klinkenberg feat. Remy - Mexico Can Wait (Original Mix) [Global Underground]
6) Deck Jagger - Megaforce (Dub Mix) [Rococo]
7) Rob Lemon - Perfect (Original Mix) [PinkStar]
8) Eugeny Bardyuzha - Personal Sunlight (Original Mix) [Carica]
9) Flash Brothers - Together (Original Mix) [Flow]
10) Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (Sunquest's Getaway Bootleg) [CDR]

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welcome to ah.fm blantos, enjoy your stay:ah:

great mash by dave dresden now:love:
Travelling somewhere
could be anywhere
there's a coldness in the air
but i don't care
we drift deeper
life goes on
we drift deeper
into the sound

Embrace me...surround me.. as the rush comes..

so fckng wonderful:)

hey Config...thank you for tuning:itsme:
that's all for today, once again big thanks to everyone for listening
aah , that sunquest bootleg is a nice one :)

and personal sunlight too :) really loving that one from the minute i've got it haha

nice show man _o_

ya it's a good bootie of lenny's track:joy:

:iagree: personal sunlight is a monster :choon: , one of my fav prog-trance productions also this year 4 sure

thanks for writing