13-05-2007 Lost Witness Guest Mix CharlieG


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May 1, 2006
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Lost Witness Guest Mix CharlieG

Tranzaction's Boy Wonder, Charlie G proves to be experienced far beyond his
years, at just 22 he has rapidly established himself as an incredibly
successful DJ, Producer, Label Manager, Promoter and even has his very own
slot in the UK's number one dance music magazine, iDJ [International DJ

He has played alongside every leading name in the Hard Dance and Trance
world such as Yoji Biomehanika, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Brandon Block,
Benny Benassi, Tidy Boys, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Mark EG to name just a
few, and the list keeps on growing. 2006 saw debut tours of Ibiza and
Ireland and so far this year he has made his debut in Amsterdam and bookings
in the dirary for Estonia and Lativa.

As a performer, Charlie thrives off interaction with the crowd and his
infectious energy, passion and dedication to the music always shines
through, a unique and deadly combination which never disappoints. Not
content with seamless mixing he chucks in scratching, chopping and cheeky
acapellas showing he is a true technician behind the decks and with a touch
of utter madness the roof always ends up on fire, and Charlie has the

Charlie is a qualified sound engineer and is now enjoying his growing
success as a producer. With releases on Modno, Nukleuz, Addiction, Nuklear
Puppy, Traffic, Tranzaction, Bonzai and More. He is also in huge demand as a
remix artist.

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