13-05-2007 Luke Blanc Presents Trance Edition 016

it's amizing show for all vocal Trance fans... YEEAA...!! Luke Blanc RLZ!! Tak trzymać.... ;)) jak narazie 10/10
Nie będę kombinował jak to po angielsku napisać. Luke zabiłeś mnie ta nuta! Tyle powiem haha :D A Thousand Miles konkret!
and now omg!!!! all sweetest tune !!! :D <dream about.... ah :p it is secret :p>
Always a fooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll
Wow, nice transition to Fall To Pieces...

Transition, don't knwo how to say in english really... Maybe there is another word?
Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces
yesssssssss :love:

yes ;) On this forum is more polish listeners :p so u don't understand ;)

btw. next beauty vocal :) !!

dance dance dance :)
Yes nice set ; I arrived 15mn late but I like your vocal mix :p
:D thx BassT4ken ;) where are U from friend ? :)
great show Luke, the end of the set is beautiful
and last tune of my friend !!! one wish !!!!!!!!!! to end :D:D:D For U !!
Yeah one wish, twice time I listen it, first was on TATW 160 :)
u won't believe it but i downloaded this tune last night .. <LOL> THIS SET ROCKS !!!!!