13-05-2009 Signum - Xposed 017

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Here ya go the tracks so far!!
01. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - You Never Said (Blake Jarrell Extended Remix)
02. Simone Ans - Children (Original Mix)
03. Treadstone - Inspirado (Bathrope Remake)
04. Dakote - Chinook (original mix)
05. Dj Remy - Knalpot
06. David Forbes pres Sebrof Divad - Infectious (maarten de jong remix)
tuuuuned in, massive set so far signum
07. Daniel Wanrooy - City Nights
08. Airbase feat Floria Ambra - Interfere dub edit
09. Existone - Obscure Rays (Original Mix)
10. David Forbes featuring Antonia Lucas - Because of You(dfolt_remix)

And some more tunage info!:choon::super:
Hey Staro!! Cool to see ya here mate!! In just a few minutes...oh no...now...
ohhyeah, forever, cooool
Ducking wicked remix, by C-Systems!! Absolutely love it, and will def play this one a lot, in the gigs to come...Thumbs up!:choon::music::dance::super: