13-05-2011 DJ Revox - Trancenexus 050

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Ah, i'm sure you will soon find some cool new stuff to wear:) Get well soon:hug: I too have a problem, this with my right arm, been very sore and painful nearly two weeks. But is not now as bad as it was, thank goodness:super::)

:- ) thank you:hug:I'm glad to 'hear' that you're feeling better now with the arm:friends::dance:
06. Vitodito & Soulforge ft Daniela Bove - Pastel Twilight (Original Mix)
Gareth is awesome ;)

I like some tracks from him,many I can say,this week I had in my mind this one Gareth Emery feat Lucy Saunders - Fight The Sunrise:love:
beautiful sound
absolutely lovely
Irena Love:hmmm:memories
07. A.R.D.I. ft Irena Love - Memories (Original Mix)