13-07-2008 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 050

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* Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 050 on AH.FM ~ Now Listening: 684 *

Hello everyone :super:

hello zoperto :hug: come and join the rave ! :dancing: :super:
:dancing::dancing::dancing: :super::super::super:
Ahhh what a track... Total Uplifteeeeeeeeeeeer :mml:
01. Inertia - The System (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix) Very good beginning i like it :love:
picolli + danmark_ori :hug:

hello mates :super:
What upliftingggggggggg this sounds makes me going crazyyyyy :super:
Here we go :choon:


Hiii Chair dancing queen :mml: :hug:

Uplifting - that's what I like:grinning:
heyyyy Piccoooo :hug:

hmmm... well as I look at it I think it's (Edit) two meatballs on my head:lol:
I changed my ava :grinning: why?

hehe I think it's above that list that's why u didn't add it in the first place :grinning::hug:

i know it's you, just teasing you :):hug:

it's the time for everyone changing avas :)