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14-05-2007 Plasmatic Sessions with John Acquaviva & Tarek Antabi


Jun 26, 2006
Reaction score

3PM CET-5PM.:ah:
i am tuned in :biggrin:
i thought i was coming on first looks like i'm coming on later hope you guys stay tuned for my set too
yeah tarek your on later on :) look at next 5 on main page :)

Johns set was ok, not really my style but i guess others :) GJ
Thank you everyone who tuned in and enjoyed the show or didn't enjoy the show! Feedback is always appreciated in any style whether it is hate or love. But looks like i got a lot of love except for 1 post :).

Here my tracklist for the show:
*Trentemoller & DJ Tom - An Evening With Bobi Bros
*Ritch & Collins - Waldorf
*Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Martin Buttrich Remix)
*Juho Kahilainen - Sleeping With The Lizards
*David K - Mayann
*Lutzenkirchen - Rockbottom (Stereovox remix)
*Michel De Hey - Snert (Paul Kalkbrenner remix)
*Kiki - Trust me (Cowboy mix)
*Audiofly X & Liars Paradise - Speak B4 U Think
*Matzak - Girl In Water
*Guy Gerber & Chaim - Beaches

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