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14-06-2007 DJ Revel pres Revel's Radio Show 063


Afterhours DJ
Resident DJ
Jun 26, 2006
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Revel`s Radio Show 063
06:00 PM CET // 05:00 PM GMT // 12:00 PM EST


>> Tracklisting:

01. Mike Nichol - Paradigm (Original Mix) [TribeUnderground]
02. Sean Tyas - Candida (Terk Dawn) [InspiredLimited]
03. Lume - Do While (Original Mix) [CDR]
04. Dave202 - Rain Against Her (Origianl Mix) [Captivating]
05. Oliver Smith - Nimbus [Anjuna] // COTW (Choon of the week :love: )
06. The Thrillseekers - Waiting Here For You (Nigth Music Vocal Edit) [Adjusted]
07. K_De - Soulfly [MonsterForce]
08. Oliver Smith - Tomahawk [Anjuna]
09. Alex MORPH & Rank1 - A Life Less Ordinary (Mekk Remix) [HighContrast]
10. Marcel Woods - 3 stortion [HighContrast?]

>> Mixed using Vinyl & CD >> Total Time 59:01

>> Download Link: www.djrevel.net

Today Lots of kickin' tunezzz... Don't miss them!


Your critisism is highly appreciated. So post comments... ;)
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I think the resident DJs need a brighter colour for the names. Maybe a bright yellow? Pink? Purple? Neon green?

Gray just doesn't POP enough.
shhhh they are sleeping :lmao:

trying to work.... use instant message things... send emails...damn personal things makes my work days so busy :lolz: