14-06-2011 Fast Distance - Fast Distance Radio 057

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Good evening. :wave::hug::friends: I am not late, I am just trying to book something. :)
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Great new track on Enhanced: 07. Ferrin & Morris & Sequentia - Niagara

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Real Name: Mark Hoogkamer & Daniel Garczyk

Members: Daniel Garczyk, Mark Hoogkamer
Aliases: Sunshade

Profile: Sequentia is a trance music production duo formed by Mark Hoogkamer (Spiral Motion) from The Netherlands and Daniel Garczyk (Far & Away) from Germany.

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

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Saturday? Upcoming? Nah, when you mean lumi -> yes :)

Sure next Saturday ! Menno Solo on the beach :super:

@ Fran Zandvoort / Bloemendaal aan Zee NL
01. Yuri Kane - Right Back (Craving Remix)
02. Jan Martin feat. Hysteria! - Save Me Now (Beat Service Proglifting Remix)
03. Audien - Selective Hearing (Willem de Roo Remix)
04. 3rd Planet - Valente [REQUESTED TUNE]
05. ReOrder & Dave Deen feat. Irena Love - Again
06. Fast Distance & Dimension feat. Anthya - Let Me Survive (Temple One Remix)
07. Ferrin & Morris & Sequentia - Niagara