14-08-2013 Always Alive with Daniel Kandi Special 100th Episode

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Jul 27, 2007
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Daniel Kandi
Daniel Kandi
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Real Name: Daniel Kandi

Aliases: 147, DJ Mendoza, K-Flozz, Timmus (2)
In Groups: Aurelius, Hit'n'Run, Phillip Alpha & Daniel Kandi, Weekend Wonderz

Genres: Commercial Dance / Club / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer



01. Beigeback - Please Cry (Original Mix) [Hypnotic]
02. Stalker - Dark Whispers (Original Mix) [CDR]
03. Daniel & Duvall - Three Months (Original Mix) [CDR]
04. Loudest Silence - Reach for Time (Original Mix) [Cleopatra]
05. Loudest Silence - You (Original Mix) [CDR]
06. Wazari - I Discovered the World! (Original Mix) [CDR]
07. Blue Pace - Aurelie (Original Mix) [Cleopatra]
08. Wazari - Fantasy Becomes Reality (Original Mix) [CDR]
09. Airbase - Runaway 2003 (Original Mix) [CDR]
10. Duval & Mundo - Little Wonder (Original Edit) [free download]
11. Airbase - Genie (Original Mix) [Go For It]
12. Catch - Walk on Water (Baby You Can) (Above & Beyond Remix) [Sine Dance]


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901 Listeners ~ back in the days ~ Always Alive with Daniel Kandi Special 100th Episode on AH.FM

congrats for 100episodes :beer2:

:clap: Congratulations at your 100th Episode of your show today, Daniel Kandi ! :flowers: :super:

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

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danmark_ori, CICA9THC+, Schwaaaz+
Congratulations to Daniel !!!!! ))))))))) :super::super::super:
wow 100th Episode, COngrats Daniel Kandi!! I can't wait for your Los Angeles live show with Protculture in September
dag Polar :captain:
great start :clap::clap::clap:

:dancing: :cap: Cool to hear these older sounds :mml:

:: Stalker - Dark Whispers ::

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congrats kandi man!!