15-07-2013 XiJaro & Le Grand Renard - Within The Realm Of 061

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Jul 27, 2007
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Real Name: Xander van Dommelen & Richard van Willegen

Profile: DJ/Producer Duo :: Progressive Trance / House

Le Grand Renard
Le Grand Renard
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Real Name: Werner Baumgarten


Tracklist: pending


Le Grand Renard - Within The Realm Of 061 on AH.FM 15-07-2013

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Nice! Unbelievable!
807 Listeners This Way : Le Grand Renard - Within The Realm Of 061 on AH.FM


Matt Darey featuring Bonse – This Way (Matt Darey Mix)

Producer, Mixed By: Matt Darey
Vocals: Bonse
Written By: Bonse, Matt Darey

You can't see, I only wanna show you what you can reveal
When you put your mind into the flames
Don't wanna let it burn, we'll make it through
I'm gonna take my time forsaking

It's everytime I hear your name
And everywhere I see your face
I know that I will feel this way

This way
This this way, this this way
This way
This this way this this way

Take these tears :cry: and turn them :wow: :bumpit: :clap: to the sunlight :super:
A prism of fears, will find the window to your soul
And when the darkness calls your light shines through
You got to give it all to save me :friends:

Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Darren Barley

Genres: Club / Dance / Pop / Rock

Profile: singer / songwriter from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. Featured on many international Dance tracks and compilation albums. Former front man of the F2K, Bonse has a real rock voice and with his massive vocal range he can hit some seriously high notes.

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