15-08-2007 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 025

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very nice set so far :thumbsup:
well this is just as a amazing as all of your other sets !! :music::music::super::super::super:
love u guys ! =D
nice show guyss!!!! glad to know very next to me, in France (spanish girl :lollypop:) someone is doing a fantastic job with trance music!!!!!!

:clap2::clap2: :clap2::clap2: :thankyou:

oooh.... you're sweet.... makes us Blush :lovers:.... we are honnored to provide you those shows every 1rst and 3rd wednesday of every month....

Thank YOU for your faithfull Jelly.... :music:
It was very good show :smile1:

I'm going to slepp, bye