15-10-2007 DJ Volt - Voltography 008

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And I missed that???:cry::cry:

Magik,you need to play your show 1 hour earlier...current time I´m at college...

That's what the torrents are for! I usually miss her show, so I listen two days later. It's still just as hot on replay!
How was Tiesto? Good show? Or was 11 Days the only time you went crazy?

Owww...Tiesto was AWESOME....he played 5 hours and a half.....4 and a half were amazing!!!..

Next to him Eddie Halliwell played.....he´s the best....he was like 1000x better than Tijs....:super::super::super:
Nice track now!!!!!!!:super::super:

Anyone ID???
Hey, that's a good long trip! Two weeks... er, you're going to England? In the winter? For two weeks? Why not just book time in a bog?

No plans to go anywhere else... yet. In about two weeks you'll pop up going, "anyone know a good place to stay a Dhaka?" :p

lol :lol:
oops wrong thread :lol:
1 - TALLA 2XLC - No In Between (John O Callaghan Remix)
2 - Evbointh - One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez Remix)
3 - ID - ID
4 - ID - ID
5 - Ian Holing - Green wave (Volt remix)
6 -Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days(Sebastian Brand Edit)
7 - Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi - Kraftmatic (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
8 - Ben Gold - Rollcage (Aly & Fila remix)
9 - Volt - Sensation (Digital nature remix)