15-11-2008 Luminosity Anniversary Special

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May 1, 2006
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Luminosity 1 year anniversary

Live broadcasting on AH.FM!
with dancefoundation.NL!!


Club players, Zoetermeer. NL.

Airwave [Dance Valley / Bonzai]
Signum [Mystery Land / Armada]
Misja Helsloot [Trance Energy / Create]
Galen Behr [Love Parade 2008 / Violent]
Nitrous Oxide [Intuition / Anjunabeats]
Pedro del Mar [Mellomania / Shah Music / NL Debut]
Ferry Tayle [Tomorrowland / Bonzai]
Paul Webster [Gatecrasher / Armada / NL Debut]

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buy your tickets, looks like a amazing event !!
Ps, more DJs will be added to the lineup as surprise act! :)
im loving the fact that AH.fm
are broadcasting live now. will be there
only a couple of weeks from now !!!!! get your tickets asap ;)
Will have to listen to the stream... have to take care of the dogs '#@F|\%$§&#
Awesome. Too bad I won't be able to see it live. Short on money now before christmas. Will listen to the stream though. I think it's great that ah.fm is streaming live events.
:lttd:next fantastic event:D:super:
cos dobrego od polakow:D pozdro dla wszystkich:ah:

:thankyou: all for this best radio station:D

AH FOREVER!!:D:music:
2200-2315 Pedro del Mar
2315-0030 Galen Behr
0030-0145 Airwave b2b Ferry Tayle
0145-0315 Nitrous Oxide
0315-0445 Misja Helsloot b2b Signum
0445-0600 Paul Webster
MC Da Silva