16-04-2007 Magik presents Lost In Trance 040XL Incl. Jennifer Rene Guestmix

Thanks for tuning in people, its been a cool cool evening of sounds!

i'll be back here on Monday May 7th for show no. 41

big big thanks to Jennifer Rene for the awesome guestmix too, loved every minute of it!
Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much Magik and Jennifer for this huge ride,I have enjoyed this show immensely and me too like Krio said hope to catch a replay soon
big bows applauses and flowers \o/ \o/

and of course many more Lost in Trance shows ;) !

this is for you and Jennifer

ciao ciao
The saddest part of the night with ya ;/ ciao ;*** Anyway thx for the show, u made my night!! HuGs
Bravo! :eek:hjoy: beauty beauty show girls like always bringing the most wanted vibe on AH :replay:
i managed to hear the second part of the show yesterday , i wasn't at home during the first part of the evening.. anyway, tracklists look awesome again, and jennifer's set sounded very nice indeed :)
keep it up

Jennifer part being replayed now! :biggrin: