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16-04-2007 Trance Mix Mission 103 with Macarius


Jun 26, 2006
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01 Shifted Reality - Miles Away
02 3 Up North - Lost Luggage
03 Bloc Party - 2 More Years (Gabriel & Dresden Re-EDIT)
04 Soliquid - Reaching Tunnel Lights
05 Airwave - Trilogique (Ferry Tayle For An Angel Mix)
06 Afterwhite - Floating Ice
07 Markus Schulz & Departure with Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near (Coldharbour Mix)
08 Mikael Sjoberg - Solid (Perpetual Ocean Vibes Mix)
09 Tiesto - Driving To Heaven
10 Solarstone Release (Zehavi & Rand Mix)
11 Extreme Trax - So Lonely

12 Alex Arestegul - Discover

13 Saint Rush Presents Ishido - Atlantica
14 Kamil Polner Presents Polol - Whiteglow (Oliver Carr Mix)
15 Ron van den Beuken - Alcatraz (Robert Burns Mix)
16 Koris vs DJule presents K&D - Green Spirit (Static Blue Revised Mix)
17 Steve Allen Presents Arca - Falling Moons
18 Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Macarius Beefed Up Edit)
19 Magdelayna & Gale - Back To The Stars
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Well a week soon gets round, seems only 7 days ago we
were here waiting for TMM 102.

hope you have a great one.
well after that great show from Dj Volt all warmed up for
some great stuff from Macarius - aren't we?
One of his best sets ever, yes? no?
I thought that was the best set from Macarius since last week,
great stuff as always - see you next week.