16-05-2008 Sean Tyas - Phased out Phriday May 2008 with Ryan Tyas

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i dunno who it is but its nice to start off with. :music:

lets hear what tunage will Ryan's set build up to. :book:

One thing i know Ryan Tyas style is completely different from Sean Tyas:music:

but he's starting really nicely:mml::mml::mml:
hehe Sean's brother prefers Prog ;P we'll se how it will be for 30 minutes ;)
ah this must be the original :music:

i love the deadmau5 remix of this tune better :music:
OMG this track remix is a chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon:super::super:

I hear this version first time and its really nice for me ;)