16-06-07 Der Mystik - Der Sezzionz 34


May 25, 2006
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Tune in this coming Saturday 16th of June to Der Sezzionz 34, and you might win a 10 British Pounds Audiojelly Voucher!!!

The contest is simple, the first one to reply with the right answer to a question that will be posted in this thread, will be entitled to the prize. I'll personally contact the winner through the boards private messaging system to give him/her details of how to claim the prize.

So Tune In! and be a winner!

PD: Any person related directly or indirectly to the contest question is automatically disqualified.
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I'll try to tune in, but not too sure because it's the day i finish my exams and I'll celebrate that ^^ but I'll try ;)
Tune in
It's late for some ppl ^^
Nice tune :D Great first 30mn set :p ... I can't stay until the end, soon 4 AM for me :p
Thanks for tunning in! since nobody gave an answer to the contest question (Der Mystik - Jewel Eyes) , then the prize will accumulate to the next episdode (Der Sezzionz 35), the prize will be then a 20 British Pounds worth audiojelly vaucher.

Prizes will accumulate up to two times (up to 30 British Pounds Voucher), if nobody wins, then the contest prize will reset to 10 again.

Tune in for next month's Der Sezzionz 35 for the best of Moonrising Records special, and be a winner.