16-06-2008 Victoria's Secret 084 with Magik

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omg..this piano.......
Cloud 88, Altered-Mind, Anateq+, robejaegs, t4e, CPrussin, piccoli, soviet, Tomek, dtown

so where would one find the tracklist after the show's over?

the DJ of his/her shows usually does a live tracklisting track by track during the show. However, if that DJ of their show cant be avail during their shows air time they usually post the TL within the next day inside particular their show thread. :music:

Vicky might post hers on tomorrow since she is away right now :cat:
Vicky will put here maybe tomorrow, so check this thread tomorrow or later:grinning:

Hey picolli
Hi mate
Only 700 posts more :grinning::lol: