16-07-2007 Mark Eteson Presents Highway 006 feat Agnelli & Nelson

^^yes but you could make us happier with more vocal tunes...like perhaps Kyau vs Albert-always a fool??? but then again, im happy aslong as it gets on my neighbours nerves:p

.....just like that:D
Loving this Thrillseekers tuuuuune :)

Evening everyone!
IT DOES...but its not nearly as good as Veracocha-Carte Blanc......(coz it seems to be one of the best tunes ever...along with out of the blue, and flaming june!)

BTW thanks Dan:D
Evening all! Hope everyone's enjoying it so far! :)

Great show! I really enjoy the fact you make your sets a little more personal by talking and mentioning the songs that you play!!!! It makes listening to your sets that much more enjoyable and special!!!! Cheers!!!!! :choon:


Hey everyone!
i did miss the first half an hour....oops.....but great tunes as usual \o/
This tune reminds me of some other tune.....love the voice, i missed the last 2 tunes coz of winamp-breakdown.....did i miss something good?
& England here...i think Europe is well represented tonight :)
Im going to England next week.....not for the parties tho:(

.....omg these choons are killing me....now im in a dancy/bouncy mood!

OMFG no way.....ITS SURU!!-northen europe(scandinavia) represent!
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Mark doing what he does best in the studio! (other than making the awesome Highway!)