16-11-2010 DanceDP Radio 035

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!anda! !anda!

Rap? whats going on here???
life is good and still a bit hot in spain!!! hows yours?? any broadcast u are joining the team soon?

Yep, the weather is again calm and made a bicycle tour with my mom this afternoon, facing the november-sun :)

:choon: Life in Streams - Brainwash (Kai Harmaala remix) :choon:
Talk about being eccentric, lol
Is a pleasure to share our music with you, I have to go to sleep. 1 big hug to everyone! See you! :dance:
i waaaaaaaant this ID !!! :megacrazy::megacrazy:

noooow i know Sixma & Klauss Goulart Feat Outono Em Marte - Want To Fly but not which remix it was :mml:
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The old clock on the wall shows 3:12 AM. So, It's sleeping time:sleeping:

See you later all!
One of my favourite tracks. :dance:

For today: me voy, buenas noches. :hug: